Studio Pico has released a trailer for Grand Exile 2021, a 2D action-shooter hybrid scheduled for release on Nintendo Switch and PC. Since last year, the game has been co-developed with another studio called HERO.

The release date for Grand Exile 2021 has yet to be announced.

Here is an overview of the game, via the official website:

An action game with pixel art of the 80s and 90s. Not only is it retro style, but also has a lot of rich screen effects using today's technology. This is a new genre of fighting action game with a nostalgic but somewhat new feel.

Grand Exile 2021 is gearing up for Kickstarter to finally launch on Switch after the game launches globally on Steam.

The diversity of the player's actions is important, but more importantly, the enemies approaching them. Reaction is also an important factor in the action of combat. The game offers a very primitive feeling of "hit and blow" to the enemy. The emphasis is on creating a gentle rhythm in the action, yet still feels heavy.

As a new fighting game for the post-Smash Bros. era, this Grand Exile 2021 is easy to understand and combines the best of both action and sub-perspectives to create a gameplay experience unlike any other series that will bring Exciting people again.

The biggest highlight of the game is the intense battles against giant bosses that cannot fit the screen. You'll punch, kick, blow up and sometimes throw giant enemies in chaos. You can enjoy devastating battles. Boss characters have special levels with special effects, and can fight from full screen. You will feel the dynamism.

With one character that can only attack at close range and another character that can only attack at long range, you can experience a variety of play styles. It was a real combination of action fighting with shooting. You can also play exciting multiplayer, where your strengths complement each other's weaknesses.

Trailer introduce Grand Exile 2021:

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