Retwave has announced the 8-bit side-scrolling game The Transylvania Adventure of Simon Quest for Sony PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, Sony PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam). The game will be released in 2025.

Here's an overview of the game, via the Steam page:


The Transylvania Adventure of Simon Quest is a side-scrolling game that immerses players in an 8-bit world. The titular hero named Simon Quest has just arrived in Transylvania only to discover that his vampire hunting rival, Stan Helsing, has killed the evil Count Dracula. To reclaim the glory that was rightfully his, he journeyed across Wallachia to gather what he needed to revive each piece of darkness and finish him off himself!

Key Features

Sequence Breaking Encouraged! – In both the overworld and in the castle, there are many alternative paths (and choices) you can take. You might think that every villa has a linear route, but you'll see there are other paths you can take to get around them! For those adventurous enough to seek an unorthodox journey in the afterlife, you can even try joining the later mansions early on. In fact, doing so might even give you a different ending…

Minigames Galore! – When you need a break from your dangerous quest for glory, consider immersing yourself in the mini-games! Scattered around the world, you can challenge yourself with Memory, participate in Crabbin Races, try your hand at Crane Games or even do some Surfing!

Different Equipment Chains – You will find lots of powerful weapons and items to help you become the rightful hero of this story. The only question is: Which of them is worthy of you?

Built-In Randomizer – Mix up your experience by randomizing items or activating other in-game options to create a truly unique journey!

Trailer annouce  The Transylvania Adventure of Simon Quest :

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