Publisher Firesprite Games announced the first-person horror game, The Persistence, will be released for Sony PlayStation 4 non-virtual reality, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam on May 21, 2020.

The Persistence first debuted as an exclusive game for PlayStation VR in July 2018.

Here's an overview of The Persistence, via the Steam site:


The Persistence will challenge the player, control the character that is a copy of Zimri Elder's security officer, find a way to survive on a deep abyssal spaceship destroyed, filled with horrifying monsters and killed people. The player is the last survivor on the mission to restore the ship and somehow return to Earth.

Key Features

Death is Just the Beginning - The only thing that hinders the lifeboat is a series of cloned monsters, constantly added by the clone printer on board. If any encounter with these monsters dies, Zimri's consciousness will be uploaded to a new host body, ready for the next challenge.

An Ever-Changing Labyrinth - A colonial spacecraft has a self-configuring macro structure that can change its internal architecture. When waking up in a new cloned body or teleporting between floors, the layout of the spacecraft will change every time. Each expedition into The Persistence will be unique, with different items and equipment to collect and upgrade.

Enhance, Upgrade, and Augment - Technology of the 26th century to enhance genetic and technological manipulation on matter. Reconstructing Zimri's DNA to improve the health, toughness and defenses or even harvest the crew's DNA to create crew members' cloned bodies to live on, each of whom will have your own skills.

Explore, Evade, Fight, and Gather Resources - The mutant population is ready to tear Zimri's limbs from his body. Use the advantages of your surroundings to map, stalk, and gain tactical advantage in hiding or trying to take them down. Explore the decks and collect the right resources, weapons, and customizations to aid your survival on your journey deep into the depths of darkness and fear.

Asymmetric Multiplayer - Connecting a phone or tablet running iOS or Android to the game allows the maximum number of participants to 2 players, gaining control of ‘Solex - the ship's technical system. Once connected, they will be able to control the ship's systems in real time, including the ability to attract creatures, open doors and disable any ship's internal security defenses. (Devices compatible with iOS or Android and The Persistence application must meet the requirements necessary for Asymmetric Multiplayer to work. There may be data charges.)

VR Headset Support - Compatible with Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and WMR. Features appropriate control settings and comfortable options for playing with and without VR. (Motion control is not supported.)

Trailer introduce The Persistence:

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