Developers of Softstar Entertainment, DOMO Studio, and Yooreka Studio have released the trailer for the action RPG Xuan-Yuan Sword VII.

Xuan-Yuan Sword VII released on PC through Steam worldwide and Sony PlayStation 4 in Asia (excluding Japan) on October 29, 2020. A Western release of the Sony PlayStation 4 version will coming soon next. An Xbox One version is also planned, but a release date has yet to be announced.

Justdan International will release the physical version of Xuan-Yuan Sword VII for Sony PlayStation 4 in Southeast Asia and Japan on December 10, 2020. The Asian release will receive an update with Japanese dub.

Here is an overview of the game, via the Steam site:


Xuan-Yuan Sword VII is a third-person action RPG. The plot is rooted in Chinese history and mythology. Players will play the role of Taishi Zhao, a calm and reliable swordsman who unknowingly falls into a tragic fate. In order to protect his beloved family, he embarks on a journey in this chaotic world to discover the truth.


At the end of the Western Han Dynasty, the powerful prime minister of China replaced his emperor and built a new dynasty called Xin. During this year, word appeared on the rocks, quarries appeared in the fields, and ancient tombs cracked, and great signs arose, signaling a time of peace and prosperity. A strange bamboo stake in the tomb of Marquis Liu was delivered to the hands of Court Astrologer.

Ten years later, the prosperity mentioned in prophecy never came. A decade of war and famine, people misery, and chaos have spread across the country.

At this time, the 10-year-old bamboo slot emerged, causing a commotion ...


Combo-Based Combat - Xuan-Yuan Sword VII is an action RPG with real-time combat system. A smooth match-based combat system containing elements like Active Skills, Dodge, Block, Riposte.

Elysium Scroll - Elysium Scroll is a bamboo scroll that can be used as a key to Elysium, has the ability to absorb monsters, create items, and more. It can provide a number of techniques and mechanisms in adventure.

Elysium Rift - Taishi Zhao's Ultimate Technique - slows the time around him. In this state, he can change the physical properties of nearby objects.

Imprison and Fusion Lab - The player can absorb monsters into Elysium as refined materials for Fusion Lab. Not only can Fusion Lab create new monsters with different shapes and skills, but can also sometimes generate Passive Skills, which are used to improve Taishi Zhao's skills. Various labs have been set up in Elysium to improve armor and weapons, as well as develop Passive Skills.

The Mohists and their “Mechanics” - Mohism, an ancient Chinese philosophy of logic, rational thought and science, was as popular as Confucianism in China 2200 years ago. In this game, the Mohists are known for their superior "Mechanic" technology that goes far beyond its time. However, civil disagreements are testing their faith, causing them to disintegrate for decades. Can Mohists revive their former glory or fade away in historical pages? In Xuan-Yuan Sword VII, you will witness the final destiny of the Mohists.

A Journey in the Oriental Realm - Game took place in China, 2000 years ago. The development team will bring the environment, props, humanities, and cultural studies of ancient China back into the game. Make a new journey into chaos and explore around the Eastern kingdom.

Nvidia RTX Support - For PC, Xuan-Yuan Sword VII supports Nvidia RTX, creating a real world of gaming.

Discover more information game in the trailer below:

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