The Pokémon Company has released new information, videos and photos of Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, including the introduction of Pokemon Galarian and evolution, Pokemon shape changes, new rivals such as Bede, Marnie, Team Yell and finally Poke Jobs.

Details below:

1. Galarian Form Pokemon:

    Galarian Weezing:

  • Genre: Poison Gas
  • Type: Poison / Fairy
  • Height: 9’10 ”
  • Weight: 35.3 lbs.
  • Abilities: Levites / ???

Galarian Weeklyzing uses polluted air and toxic gas. The product of this consumption is pure air, which is ejected from the top of the head. The toxins accumulated in Weezing's body formed clouds of poison gas and appeared around it. This gas has enough power to stun and immobilize opponents, making it the best weapon in battle.


    Galarian Zigzagoon:

  • Genre: Tiny Raccoon Pokemon
  • Type: Dark / Normal
  • Height: 1’4 ″
  • Weight: 38.6 lbs.
  • Abilities: Pickup / Gluttony

The Zigzagoon of Galar never settled in and is known to be present in all areas, including fields, forests and towns. There is some speculation that the movements of Zigzagoon in other areas stem from the nature of the Galarian Zigzagoon, considered the oldest species of the species. Galarian Zigzagoon loves to fight, will attack humans and other Pokemon to start a war. This behavior is often successful when starting a battle with other Pokemon, but people tend to think that Galian Zigzagoon is just playing or showing some affection.

    Galarian Linoone:

  • Genre: Rushing Pokemon
  • Type: Dark / Normal
  • Height: 1’8 ″
  • Weight: 71.7 lbs.
  • Abilities: Pickup / Gluttony

Galarian Linoone can reach speeds of over 60 meters per hour and can use the Tackles and Headbutts. With enough power to take down a vehicle, these attacks could also cause Linoone to lose its balance if they hit the target. The Galarian Linoone is a reckless and fearless species, who will choose to fight even opponents stronger than them. The audacity and tendency to attack opponents make Galarian Linoone very famous in the Galar region.

2. Galarian Form Evolutions:


  • Category: Blocking Pokemon
  • Type: Dark / Normal
  • Height: 5’3 ″
  • Weight: 101.4 lbs.
  • Ability: Reckless / Guts

The Galarian linoone lives in harsh conditions and engages in fierce competition with other animals of their species. As a result, their survival instincts were honed, leading to evolution into Obstagoon. Although Obstagoon is extremely aggressive, it usually does not trigger the first attack. It will mock an opponent, instead of rushing into attack. At that time, Obstagoon will fold his arms and respond to the upcoming attack with its prop. Obstagoon's special skill is to throw an opponent from protection and counterattack with a sharp claw.

3. Change in Pokemon shape:

Some Pokemon can change shape, usually due to the influence of some items or their abilities (Ability). One of these form changes not only changes the appearance of Pokemon, but also affects the type of movement or even change its ability (Ability).


  • Genre: Two-Sided Pokemon
  • Type: Electric / Dark
  • Height: 1 ′
  • Weight: 6.6 lbs.
  • Ability: Hunger Switch

Morpeko's pockets constantly generate electricity. This consumes energy, making Morpeko constantly hungry. To satisfy this hunger, Morpeko always bring Berry seeds to eat. With prolonged hunger, the hormonal balance of Morpeko changes. This causes its coat to change color and trigger aggressive behavior. The energy stored in its cheek pouch also varies from Electric to Dark. Morpeko's ability, Hunger Switch, is a new ability that changes its appearance every turn. Aura Wheel is Morpeko's signature move, and it changes its type depending on Morpeko's shape. In Full Belly mode, the move is Electric. In Hangry Mode, the move becomes a Dark type.

4. Rivals of the Galar Region:

Many trainers from many regions will participate in the Gym Challenge, a competition in which participants face the Gyms of Galar in hopes of becoming a Champion. The two opponents that Trainers will compete in their adventure are Marnie and Bede.


Bede is a skilled opponent in Pokemon battles. He participated in the Gym Challenge, receiving testimonials from Rose, president of the Galar Pokemon League. While Bede is aiming to become a Champion, he also has other goals.


Marnie is a competitor of Pokemon with Morpeko, aiming to become the Galar region's Champion. She has a lot of fans thanks to a calm and calculating battle strategy.

Team Yell: 

Team Yell is a group of troublemakers that appear everywhere and try to get in the way all the time. They want Marnie to become the Champion, so they try to discourage other challengers. They take over the hotel corridor, prevent challengers from accessing traffic, and even scream and distract opponents in battle. Whenever Marnie fought, Team Yell Grunt quickly appeared, showing their support for Marnie's scarf and horn.

5. Poke Jobs help develop Pokemon:

In the Galar region, humans and Pokemon often work together. Corporations and universities require the help of Pokemon through Poke Jobs. Trainers can check the available Poke Jobs at Rotomi in Pokemon Center and can send Pokemon directly from Boxes to any job they accept. Trainers will find that certain types of Pokemon are suitable for specific jobs. The experience gained while working will help Pokemon grow and Trainers can even receive rare items as rewards.

There are many places that require help from Pokemon, including corporations and universities.

You can choose the Pokemon you want to send to Poke Jobs from Boxs.

Each Pokemon sent to Poke Job will be developed.

Pokemon will receive rewards like Exp. Points or base points, and the amount of points earned will depend on factors such as how long the pokemon worked and the type of pokemon being sent!

Rotomi - New help in Pokemon Centers with many features

You can accept jobs from Rotomi that you can find in every Pokemon Center around the Galar area. In addition to Poke Jobs, Rotomi has many other features such as being able to access Pokemon Boxs or use Loto-ID!

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are expected to launch for Nintendo Switch on November 15.

See more in the video below:

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