Maximum Games will release the horror action game In Nightmare developed by Magic Fish Studio for Sony PlayStation 4 in 2021 for $ 19.99.

Here is an overview of the game, through Maximum Games:


Enter a world of Chilling Dreamworld of Whimsy filled with horror

Closing his heart to reality, the protagonist falls asleep and wakes up in a dreamlike world full of night. In Nightmare is a narrative-driven horror adventure game that combines action with diverse puzzles. It follows a boy in search of love's last hope, who seeks salvation for himself by overcoming his fear.

Through the effects of a broken family and the pain it brings, a child will escape reality into a dark, strange world created from his own memory. This puts him on a journey to discover what's really inside. Having endured in reality, his past hurts turned into terrifying monsters that wanted to keep him in a permanent nightmare. With the help of the dream soul, the boy will find ways to fight past enemies, overcome complex puzzles, embrace fears and uncover the truth so he can purify monsters. that he created and finally awakened.

Key Features

  • Hope Rests in your Dreams - Escape from a bizarre, dark world of dreams, search for clues in the world and start discovering the truth about your reality.
  • Puzzle Through Pain - On your journey, you will encounter puzzles that block your steps. Use your wits and your spirits to help you get through anything.
  • A Light in the Darkness - Control your dream spirit to assist you as bait, detect invisible paths or items, and be acutely aware of the threats ahead.
  • Nightmares Made Real - Your subconscious creates monsters that you truly fear. Don't let them or the shadow stalk you and make you fall into a permanent nightmare.

Trailer introduce In Nightmare:

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