The publisher SOEDESCO has officially announced a new image for their brand called "Innov in your hands", along with a new logo and website redesign on May 7, 2020.

In addition, SOEDESCO also announced that it is developing the next generation games that will be released on the new generation of consoles.

Games for the new generation

On the renovated slogan, they reorganized the logo and website along with more modern design. Their new interface is ready for the next generation of games, while they also maintain their identity. SOEDESCO is currently working on the development of new games for upcoming game consoles. The new message is very relevant to this and can also be seen on the new SOEDESCO website, which has now been replaced by a landing page. A complete redesign of the site will be available soon.

SOEDESCO is the publisher for the action adventure game series Adam’s Venture: Origins will be released on Nintendo Switch through Nintendo eShop on May 29, 2020. Read more information about the game Adam’s Venture: Origins at here.

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