Adam’s Venture: Origins officially released the digitally version on Nintendo Switch today. The physical version of the game was delayed until a later date due to the current COVID-19 epidemic.

Adam's Venture: Origins first debuted for Sony PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in April 2016. During his adventure, the player will have to travel everywhere while solving a series of mysteries. and riddles.

Here is an overview of the Adam’s Venture: Origins, via Soedesco:


In Adam’s Venture: Origins, players will embark on a fascinating adventure spread across the world. Players will solve complex riddles and uncover clues, which will become part of the mystery-filled story. By unraveling the secrets of Eden, players explore their way through Europe and the Middle East, reaching new areas by climbing and swinging through adventurous environments. During their journey, players will have to stop the dark plans of the evil corporation Clairvaux Corporation. Adam’s Venture: Origins offers a family-friendly adventure story with puzzles and challenges.

Key Features

  • Dive into ancient ruins and recover mysterious artifacts.
  • Solve smart and creative puzzles on the journey.
  • Discover long-forgotten tombs and ruined cities using a swing hook.
  • Join a rich storyline, woven into adventure with historical influences.

Screenshots game:

Trailer announce release date game:

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